Bringing you artisan bread and

freshly baked goods 

Sweet treats and savoury delights

For those with a sweet tooth our Nutella donuts or locally renowned almond croissants will go down a treat. Or take your pick from our range of savoury favourites, including spinach and cheese scrolls or ham & cheese croissants. Baked fresh every day, right here on site.

Artisan loaves for sale and sandwiches

We've sourced the finest artisan bread, cold fermented with natural sourdough starter. Baked fresh and brought to you each day as the sun rises from our friends at Brickfields Bakery.

"Fresh out of the oven"

The smell gets me every time. The way it feels when you chomp into freshly baked goods just fills you with joy. And that's what get's us up early each day.


And we're keen to keep that happening wherever we can. We love the transparency it brings baking each day in a place for all to see, right here in the shop. So get in early and grab them while they're hot!